Get ready to rock in Hannibal Saturday, July 3rd with Saliva and Buckcherry.

Both bands will be taking the stage on the 3rd for National Tom Sawyer Days at Tankard Gardens, and here's your chance to win tickets. Just fill out the form below and listen to the Dwyer and Michaels Show on Tuesday, June 29th to see if you've won. Make sure you listen to the show not only to see if you've won, but the guys will be talking to Buckcherry about the show and what they've been up too.

Saliva is a rock band from Memphis, Tennessee who made their rock debut in 1997 with their self-title debut album. They have ten albums out with their latest released in 2018. Some of their big hits include "Your Disease," "Click Click Boom," "Always," and "Ladies and Gentleman."

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I remember when I heard Buckcherry's song "Crazy Bitch," man I turned the volume up when that song came on the radio. From Anaheim, California, Buckcherry has been together since 1995, and has released nine albums with the last one being released this year. Some of their other hits include "Lit Up," "Sorry," and "Too Drunk," 

I really like how the Hannibal Jaycees have catered to both the country and rock audiences these past few National Tom Sayer Days, it makes for a bigger, broader audience. If you don't win tickets, they are still available for purchase on the Hannibal Jaycees website and only cost $25. Not bad to see two rock bands. To see the full national Tom Sawyer Days schedule, click here.

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