I heard it almost every year around the Super Bowl time. What is it?  It is the question “Why don’t they play the Super Bowl Game on Saturday?”

I ran into a couple of friends of mine who were complaining that the Super Bowl game ends too late.  Part of their problem was they both were at Super Bowl parties and were feeling the effects of the parties they were at. Their complaint would not have even been uttered had the game been played on Saturday. I have always wondered why they don't move the game to Saturday night?  “Super Saturday” sounds just as good as “Super Sunday”!

It just makes sense. The Super Bowl parties can go on later and the participants would have all day Sunday to recover before its back to work Monday.  As it is, many employers recognize that their employees are less productive on the Monday following the Super Bowl anyway. That has been known for years.

I have even heard from some people who believe that the Super Bowl should be a national holiday instead of President's Day in February.  I just don't see Congress saying thanks Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln. Move over for Manning, Montana, Brady and Marino.

Moving the Super Bowl to Saturday does have some merit. What do you think?

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