I'm going to apologize right now if this is a dumb question, but I see it every day and I need to know. Why are pairs of shoes on the tree at 62nd and Broadway in Quincy?

I have no doubt that someone will know the answer and I'll feel ignorant for asking, but the tree in question is located approximately here just to the east of the shopping center with Buffalo Wild Wings and Lowes.

Google Maps Satellite View
Google Maps Satellite View

If you check the Google Maps Street View at that location at approximately 6215 Broadway in Quincy, you'll see this.

Google Maps Street View
Google Maps Street View

We shared this on our Facebook page and the comments included many theories. Here are some of my favorites.

Beth Frye - I always figured some mom got tired of tripping over shoes and yelling for everyone to pick them up. She took matters in her own hands.‍♀️

Abbie Carter - Everyone has time to look..that light takes FOREVER! they must have wanted to give people something to discuss while waiting. My mom and I were talking about that tree a couple weeks ago.

Kelsey Waschenbach - It’s like the movie Big Fish where everyone throws their shoes over the telephone wire before they arrive. A symbol of freedom from responsibility.

Nicole Williamson - It’s shoes he finds along Broadway.

If Nicole is right, we need talk to the cool guy that lives in the house with the tree that has turned it into a Broadway lost and found. Seriously.

I have no doubt that someone has a profound and extremely meaningful reason to put shoes on a tree. If you can fill me in on exactly what that reason is, I will be eternally grateful. Seriously. I will thank you over and over again because you will be my new favorite hero.

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