It was 93 years ago to the day that the names of the four presidents were revealed for their future sculpturing at Mount Rushmore. Some 16 years later (1941) the accomplished work of Gutzon Borglum and his son James Borglum was revealed to the public. James finished the work after his father had passed away eight years earlier in 1933.

The faces of Presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt have adorned the mountain top of Mount Rushmore for all to see for all these years.

Two years ago in September, I made the trip to South Dakota to see this wonderful monument for myself. It was one more notch off of my bucket list. It is quite impressive and utterly amazing that someone could, not only sculpture a face into the mountain, but do four of them. I would strongly recommend you make the trip, albeit a lengthy one, to see this unbelievable work of art.

Jeff Dorsey
Jeff Dorsey

Someone a year ago asked me if I could add another President’s face to the monument, what face would I add?  My answer then was John F. Kennedy. I would still pick Kennedy today. If it were your choice, who would you like to see added to Mount Rushmore?

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