I honestly never would have guessed that these two cities in Missouri would be the ones to make the list for Top 25 Cheapest Places to Live, but the numbers don't lie.

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We all want to live in a place that is affordable, one of the main reasons to live in a great Midwest state like Missouri is that it is way more affordable than being in California, or on the East coast. But when usnews.com released their list of the 25 Cheapest Places to Live, I have to be honest, I was shocked to see these two Missouri cities on the list!

According to usnews.com St. Louis, and Kansas City both make the list for the 25 Cheapest Places to Live. Which is shocking because they are the two biggest cities in the state, and usually it is more expensive to live in a big city, but this list from usnews.com only considered cities of people with a population of OVER 50 thousand people, so super small affordable towns weren't necessarily considered.

Now St. Louis and Kansas City both barely made the top 25 coming in at 23rd for Kansas City and 22nd for St. Louis, and cheap doesn't always equal great. Don't get me wrong I personally think the KC and STL are incredible cities, and I would be thrilled to live in either city, but KC and STL both scored pretty low on their quality of life score, which hurt their rankings.

The top 5 cheapest cities to live in according to this site were 1. Huntsville, Alabama 2. Fort Wayne, Indiana 3. Quad Cities, Illinois/Iowa 4. Hickory, North Carolina and 5. Des Moines, Iowa.

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