A website ranked the Best Foodie Cities in America and both St. Louis and Kansas City made the list...BUT one of them is ranked wayyyyyy higher on the list than the other, which city is best? And did the list get it right?

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According to the website Wallethub.com, St. Louis is was much better foodie city than Kansas City. How much better? St. Louis ranks as the 22nd best foodie city in the US in 2022, while Kansas City is all the way down at 105th on the list. Why is there such disparity between these two cities?

WalletHub ranked the cites on a bunch of different factors and broke them down into 2 main categories Affordability and then Accessibility, Diversity, & Quality. St. Louis ranks 144th in Affordability, but 20th overall in Accessibility, Diversity, & Quality. While Kansas City ranks 90th in Affordability, and 105th for Accessibility, Diversity, & Quality.

For our readers on the Illinois side of the river, Chicago ranks 12th on this list. At the top of the list is Portland (Oregon), followed by Orlando, Miami, San Fransico, and Austin. There is no context offered to the numbers and rankings given, if you want to see the full list of best foodie cities in America click here!

This list clearly favors the diversity of options and quality over anything else, and the diversity of food you can get in St. Louis definitely is the thing that gives it the edge over Kansas City on this list. Now, if we are just talking BBQ I'm sure you can debate for hours to try and figure out which city is better, but St. Louis tops KC on this list. Do you agree with the WalletHub ranking?

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