When will concerts return?

The answer, for California residents at least, is April 15.

On Friday (April 2), the California Department of Public Health announced new guidelines that would allow concerts, sporting events and conferences to resume... with specific rules and regulations. Overall, the state has seen a drastic decrease in coronavirus cases, making events seemingly possible.

Below, here's everything we know about the return of concerts and events to California this month.

When Will Concerts Return in My State?

For the most part, concerts will return according to individual governor and state official decisions. For the most part, the decision is calculated by the amount of COVID-19 cases reported in a specific county or area. Meanwhile, places such as Chicago are planning to hold outdoor concerts at Wrigley Field and Ravinia this summer, while Texas is currently allowing each venue to use their discretion for concerts and their capacities.

What Safety Precautions Are Being Taken at Concerts? Are There Requirements to Attend a Concert?

Venues will not be opening at full capacity. Depending on what type of concert you attend, you may be required to wear a face mask properly and practice social distancing. Other shows with increased attendance will require a negative COVID-19 test and/or proof of vaccination. It has not been specified when the COVID-19 test needs to be administered or if guests have to wait two weeks after their second dose until they get the full effect.

Additionally, concerts will be limited to in-state attendees. Fans will be required to purchase an advanced ticket. Eating and drinking will take place in only specific designated areas. It's unknown currently if the same requirements (proof of vaccination or negative test result) will apply to staff.

At What Capacity Level Will Concerts Take Place?

Concerts and their capacity will be based on the restrictions of each California county. The state has created four tiers based on how widespread the virus is. The purple tier does not allow indoor concerts at all.

For venues with a capacity of 1,500 and under, the red tier would limit to just 10 percent capacity or 25 percent capacity if all guests are required to show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test. The orange tier increases to 15 percent capacity or 35 percent if all guests are tested/vaccinated. Finally, in the yellow tier, capacity is at 25 percent or 50 percent with proof of vaccination and/or negative COVID-19 test.

For large-scale venues above 1,500 guests, COVID-19 testing and/or proof of vaccination will be required at the red tier and limited to 20 percent capacity. The orange tier is at 10 percent for any guests or 35 percent if all guests are tested/vaccinated. In the yellow tier, capacity is 10 percent for any guests and 50 percent if all guests are vaccinated/tested.

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