Well, here it is day number????? that I sit at home climbing the walls. I have watched way to much television over the last couple of weeks trying to keep up with this Coronavirus Crisis. The other day a news reporter asked some expert on what he considers to be the biggest crisis now other than the Coronavirus. His answer was the economy. He, my friends, was wrong. If you ask any American today who has encountered what is pictured above, they will say the biggest crisis we have is owning that little empty brown cylinder.

The fear that strikes one when they have "reached the end" is far greater than the fear we have of "reaching the end" from Coronavirus. That fear is compounded when you reach into the small cabinet to get a new roll only to find out there isn't one there.

Then the thought of millions of toilet paper rolls being stockpiled in closets all over America by others and knowing none are available to you in your area, is enough to make you call the corn-cob hotline (1-800-CORNCOB).

My suggestion is to take a deep breath and relax. There is no need to call a Priest for last rites, but you might call the store to see if the Charmin truck showed up while you were reading this.

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