If you're looking for a city with the most bling, which one sits at the top in Missouri? There's a new #1 and the households there are completely loaded with cash.

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Even as a kid, I could tell that Chesterfield, Missouri was for the well-to-do. That's not a criticism, by the way. I'm happy when people find success. Sure, there might have been a little envy in that statement, too, but my point is that the people who live in Chesterfield aren't bad people because they're rich. And, boy are they rich. Only In Your State recently updated their richest cities in Missouri and good ole Chesterfield is now perched at the top at #1.

How did they determine the richest cities in Missouri?

Only in Your State said they ranked the cities based on average household income for places with a population bigger than 1,000. As for Chesterfield, they said "the median annual household income is $104,801, and 59,390 people call this place their home". Cha-ching.

It's interesting what reality is versus your perception. If I had to guess before seeing their list, I would have thought Lake St. Louis might have been #1. Actually, they're #4 among the richest cities. I would not be surprised if you don't eventually see it at the top of the richest list as I know it's one of the more sought-after locations near St. Louis right now.

You can check out the complete new version of the richest cities list to see who in Missouri is loaded with bags of cash.

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