Justin Timberlake is one of my favorite artist, definitely in my top five. He's in St. Louis this week for his tour, and has been out and about taking in the city, and if I so him I would freak out.

Timberlake will be bringing his Man of The Woods Tour to Enterprise Center tomorrow night, and he's been seen in St. Louis meeting fans and taking pictures with them. KSDK has one of those pictures, where last night he greeted fans as he left. I would COMPLETELY freak out, I mean its freakin' Justin Timberlake.

I remember watching him on the Mickey Mouse Club, and if it were me who saw him, to be honest, I am not sure how I would react. I know I wouldn't scream like a teenager (okay maybe a little), I would give him the biggest hug ever, ask for an autograph, and of course get a picture. One can dream right.

I will not be making it down to St. Louis for the concert, but for those of you who are have fun, take a ton of pictures, and enjoy every second.

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