I admit I watch very little television except for news and sports, but I have been noticing some cleaver TV commercials that are currently being aired. There are also some really bad ones as well.

Lately the beer commercials (other than Budweiser's with the Clydesdale pony) have really gone downhill in my opinion.  If I had to pick the best TV commercial I have seen lately it would be the Volkswagon commercial where the guy goes into the store to buy some candy and chips with a ski mask on unknowingly.  The owner thinks he's about to be robbed and says"I don't want and trouble" to which the mask wearing guys says "I don't want any either" and hands him the money and leaves to get into the VW Convertible Bug with it's top down in the middle of winter.

I thought it was quite clever and I remembered the car which makes it a good "spot" as we call it in the business. So what would you consider to be the best current TV commercial?

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