If the city of Quincy had to change it's nickname, and could no longer be called the "Gem City" what would be another good nickname for Quincy?

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According to the Quincy Chamber of Commerce's website...

"Visitors called Quincy “a gem of a city.” Flour and sawmills flourished, for the fertile soil yielded excellent crops of grain; game was abundant; oak, hickory and walnut timber came in quantity from the forests that were cut down to make way for the expanding community; and trade flourished. That nickname, “The Gem City,”"

So what if Quincy had to change it's nickname? (This is completely hypothetical, there is no reason for Quincy to have to change its nickname just humor me) None of those flour and sawmills still are around to represent the city, so what could Quincy's new 2021 nickname be going forward?

Well Quincy was named after President John Quincy Adams, and famously Lincoln had one of his Douglas debates here, so maybe it could have the nickname "The 616" the first 6 for John Quincy Adams who was the 6th President, and then 16 for Lincoln who was the 16th president!


According to Wikipedia's page on Quincy, Quincy wasn't called Quincy until 1825 when Adams became President, before that it was known as "Bluffs" Illinois. So why not create a nickname off of the original name Bluffs? According to National Geographic's website a bluff is

"A bluff is a small, rounded cliff that usually overlooks a body of water, or where a body of water once stood."

So you could call Quincy the "Bluff" or "Bluffs City" or "The Cliff City" or "The Overlook City"

Ok ok ok I realize none of these may be total winners, but I think I'm on to something here, if you were to give Quincy a new nickname what would you call it?

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