Monday marked the 25th anniversary of the levee break in West Quincy and all of us in the local media took the time to reflect back a quarter century to the events of that day including the Weather Channel.  The stories of man vs. the Mississippi are well documented, but there were plenty of side stories as well. Most of those "side" stories never made it to the national outlets. One story that the national media did cover was the involvement of James Scott in all that took place.

Scott, who was later convicted of causing a catastrophe when he removed sand bags from the levee, was seen moments later on live TV being interviewed by WGEM's Michelle McCormack.  Law enforcement knew right away that that levee didn't break on its own. On the 25th anniversary of the flood, the Weather Channel provided their story on James Scott and the "Flood of '93".

The magnitude of that flood will remain with all of us who were here when it happened, but what most people may not realize is the amount of national coverage the "Flood of 1993" got as well.

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