Two worlds collided in Chicago Thursday. Eddie Munson who made Master of Puppets famous again in season 4 of Stranger Things just met Metallica in Chicago and it was the most metal moment ever.

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If you're new to Stranger Things, season 4 featured new character Eddie Munson. Eddie is a metalhead who crushed "Master of Puppets" in the final chapter of this season. NOTE: minor spoilers in this video.

There's a very good reason why this is currently trending everywhere including on Digg.

So Eddie actually met Metallica?

Technically, it was actor Joseph Quinn who played Eddie that met Metallica prior to their Chicago performance at Lollapalooza as shown by Netflix on Twitter. ET confirmed it was the Chicago date where Eddie and Metallica met. Watch closely and you'll see Metallica presented Joseph with a replica of the guitar he made famous in Stranger Things. Oh, and Chicago put him on the big screen during their Chicago performance, too.

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