I have a lot of friends that like to chase storms. Some are trained and some are not so much. This video of a chaser who nearly got clobbered by a monster Illinois tornado should serve as a teachable moment.

Here's the description shared on YouTube of what happened:

Guy named Sam Smith was in a storm of trouble when he was caught inside the Tornado in Rochelle IL.

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Now you can see why this video has been trending again on social sites like Digg. This was the huge EF4 tornado that destroyed much of Rochelle, Illinois back in 2015. At the time it hit the Rochelle and Fairdale, Illinois communities, it was the strongest tornado in that region in over 25 years. The National Weather Service showed the path this twister took during its long track that afternoon.

National Weather Service
National Weather Service

This chaser's actions should serve as a "how not to" lesson for any aspiring storm followers. 1. He approached the tornado not knowing what direction it was moving. 2. He initially said he would seek shelter under a bridge. A proven bad idea. 3. He seemed more interested in capturing video than getting out of the twister's way.

I found a Storm Chaser website that offers tips that could have helped this guy. Two in particular apply to this dude. Chase storms based on experience. Start with smaller storms as you learn how they behave and don't get too close. That last part was something this guy definitely did not do.

He came within feet of having his vehicle (and him) going airborne into the tornado. He's fortunate that he didn't end up being another storm chasing casualty as this tornado was definitely a killer.

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