You could call last year’s Oscars many things: Long, strange, extremely, punishingly, painfully long. But you couldn’t call them boring, at least not when it was time to present the Best Picture Academy Award and Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway announced that La La Land had taken home the top prize only to realize, after several minutes of La La Land acceptance speeches, that in fact Moonlight was the real winner, and there had been a massive snafu involving the winning envelopes. It was easily the craziest moment in Oscar history.

It wasn’t necessarily Beatty and Dunaway’s fault (they were handed the wrong envelope) but they wound up taking a lot of the blame anyway. They will get a chance to redeem themselves this Sunday, apparently, as TMZ reports that Beatty and Faye will return to present this year’s Best Picture award as well:

Our Oscar sources tell us Warren and Faye both just showed up at the Dolby Theatre and rehearsed the big moment. We're told they were shuffled onstage together very quickly to run through their bit.  They went through their lines twice. She began by saying, ‘Presenting is better the second time around,’  Beatty followed up with, ‘The winner is Gone with the Wind.’

No, Warren! That is a very old movie! Oh, wait, I get it. That is the joke. Hah.

Watch the Oscars on ABC this weekend, and if you miss anything be sure to keep checking ScreenCrush for lots more from the Academy Awards. And if they say La La Land is the winner this time, you know something’s gone very wrong again.

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