Throughout all of last week, we took submissions for our Mother's Day Spa Package Giveaway (sponsored by Designer's Edge) and though it wasn't easy, we've narrowed it down to our top ten entries.

Vote on who you think should win a Designer's Edge Spa Day from now until May 11 and we'll announce our winner during the morning show on May 12. You can vote up to once per day (duplicate votes in a single day will be discarded).

Meet the finalists...

  • 1

    Marcia Stratman

    (Nominated by daughter-in-law Carrie Stratman)

    She makes me a better mom. She has taught me how to truly enjoy my own children by example. She makes up songs and games with them, encourages them to use their imaginations and can make them smile even on the worst days. She is a true blessing to our lives.

  • 2

    Natalie Genenbacher

    (Nominated by daughter Taylor Genenbacher)

    My mom plays with us, takes us to the park to play, and takes us swimming. My mom gives hugs and kisses to me a lot too. She tucks me in bed at night and sometimes I read to her and we say prayers. Best of all my mom takes good care of me and keeps me safe during storms. I love her so much.

  • 3

    Audrey Fuemmeler

    (Nominated by daughter Leanna)

    My mother was a single parent who raised me by herself. Last year I had my first daughter. I never truly understood how hard it was. She deserves this so very much. She gives and gives and I would like to thank her.

  • 4

    Danielle Rossiter

    (Nominated by her husband, David Rossiter)

    My wife is a blessing to me. She has given me two wonderful boys. She runs a daycare, she cooks, she cleans, everything. I'm amazed at her strength and dedication to everything. She is a wonderful wife, amazing mother, and my best friend.

  • 5

    Caitlin Kendrick

    (Nominated by her sister, Christy Rice)

    Caitlin is a stay at home mother of three beautiful little girls ages five, three, and three months. She never complains about it and yet she just does it. She is a wonderful mother and I feel that she deserves this.

  • 6

    Michelle Shedd

    (Nominated by her stepdaughter, Jessica Carroll)

    She is one of the greatest women I know. Even though I was not birthed by her, she has always treated me like her own. She works very hard to take care of everyone in the family and rarely gets anything in return. She deserves to know how greatly I appreciate her and how much she means to me.

  • 7

    Melissa Abernathy

    (Nominated by her daughter, Dayanara Abernathy)

    We just got finished with my senior prom. We just finished moving. And in the middle of all of this I am in making college decisions! She made the corsages for myself and my friends, she did our hair, and our nails. And on the same day she helped me register for classes at QU! She is absolutely selfless and will do absolutely anything to make everything go without a hitch.

  • 8

    Kayla Porter

    (Nominated by her sister, Shawni Hubbard)

    She is a hardworking single mother who works full time and is currently doing an internship so she can complete her masters program in psychology. Her goal is to provide her daughter with a bright future and to set an example for her of what hard work and dedication will get you.

  • 9

    Soinelia Rodriguez

    (Nominated by her daughter Ailenis San Martin)

    She has taught me how to be a hardworking and dedicated person. Also, she sacrificed herself for me to have a better future in the United States, even though her husband stayed behind because he couldn't come at the moment. She fought for 5 long years to bring to this country her youngest son and husband of 29 years. My mom is the best and her love for her family is so big.

  • 10

    Roberta Smith

    (Nominated by her son, Kody Smith)

    My mom is my heart. She goes out of her way to make sure me and my sister are taken care of. She works two jobs with hardly no time off. She means the world to me. And there's no better way to say Happy Mother's Day and I love you with all my heart.

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