There are few things more terrifying than losing your wallet or purse and fearing all of your credit cards and id's out in the wild. That happened to an Illinois woman who was shocked to see a mystery Good Samaritan that returned all of her belongings and didn't even request a thank you.

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This video was just shared out of Evergreen Park, Illinois. Here's the backstory shared by the woman who had accidentally left her wallet at a store:

Wednesday before Easter, I was shopping at a Dollar Tree store and paid for my purchases. I left the Dollar Tree store and drove to another store, upon exiting my vehicle before entering the 2nd store I noticed myself searching for my wallet pouch, which was nowhere on me or in my car. I immediately called the Dollar store to ask if anyone had found it and then I drove back to look for myself with no luck. I went home and immediately called my bank to alert them about the lost cards. After a little time, I checked my ring camera video history and there was a person returning my wallet. I instantly opened my door and checked my mailbox and I had my wallet back, cards and all. I was so thankful for this person that I decided to post the video on the Ring neighbors app as well as my Facebook account.

As of this writing, no one has identified this mystery lady who deserves a merit badge for honor.

While Cook County, Illinois has a bad rep sometimes for the crime rate, this lady is proof that doesn't apply to everyone that calls that part of Illinois home. Not only finding the woman's wallet, but also taking the time to drive to the address on the license to return it is admirable.

Well done, Good Samaritan Illinois lady.

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