These dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets are so common in Illinois, I have two bags in my freezer right now. If you do also, you need to check the bags because there's a recall due to the discovery of small metal pieces by some customers.

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I decided to go straight to the manufacturer page to find out what's going on when my wife told me she had a friend alert her that there was a major recall of dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets by Tyson. It's true. Here's Tyson's statement about why these very popular nuggets are being recalled and what to look for if you have them:

A limited number of consumers have reported they found small, pliable metal pieces in the product, and out of an abundance of caution, the company is recalling this product.

I don't know how limited the number of consumers there are that have complained, but the amount of nuggets recalled is massive. 30,000 pounds of Tyson Fun Nuggets are now on the target list. Here's the packaging to look for:

Image provided by Tyson
Image provided by Tyson

Tyson says it's the 29-ounce packages that have a "best if used by" date of September 04, 2024.

The USDA site has more detailed information and specifically says that many of these packages were shipped to Illinois stores.

Here's what Tyson says to do if you find you have one of these suspected nugget packages:

Consumers who have purchased the affected item should cut the UPC and date code from the packaging, discard the product and call or text 1-855-382-3101.

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