You know it is summer time when you see The Tri-State Lugnuts get their cars out.

These guys and gals really look forward to the summer time. It seemed like a very long winter, but the Cruise-Ins are about to start. It is a chance to get the car out and show it off.

I admire these guys and ladies because all winter long they work hard at keeping these cars and trucks looking great, or even start a car project over the winter. I wish I could do that, but there are no car projects I can do. I am out of my league with this stuff!

I just love to see them on the streets or at car shows like the one coming up on Saturday, June 13 at the Quincy Mall Parking lot. It is a rain or shine event and it is free to get in. There will be music, door prizes, Pepsi and food served.

So if you have one of these cars, bring it on out. For more info go to

Classic car
altrendo images, ThinkStock

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