As a kid growing up I looked forward to getting the next edition of Mad Magazine featuring Alfred E. Newman on the cover. I read it cover to cover each time and liked it so much, I actually used water-color to paint Alfred in high school (see above). I even got an "A" so I didn't need to "worry" about passing that class.

Although with time I eventually got away from reading it. So when it was announced last week that Mad Magazine is halting the publication of new content and will be vanishing from newsstands, I felt like like a friend from my youth just passed away!

The magazine covered all topics but what I liked best was when Alfred would say “What, me worry?” Maybe we should all take that advice!

The last Mad Magazine available on newsstands will be the August issue. After that, issues will be available only via comic book stores and subscriptions.

According to a CNN report, issues after August will feature reprinted earlier material with new covers. However, the magazine will continue to publish its end-of-year special, books and special collections.

Mad Magazine was founded in 1952 as a comic book and in 1955 it switched to its current magazine format.

Mad is part of the DC Comics group and is owned by Warner Brothers, which is owned by AT&T's Warner-Media.

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