It seems that every time I visit the St. Louis Zoo there is always some sort of construction going on. Usually minor stuff, which is a good thing because it shows that the city is invested in making it a fun place to visit. But this latest zoo expansion project is out of this world!

The St. Louis Zoo laid out their plans to purchase 425 acres of land near St. Louis' Spanish Lake for a huge expansion. What kind of expansion, you ask? How does an African Safari sound? The expansion sounds really cool, especially since it'll be right next to the Mississippi River and Missouri River.

According to, "175 acres would be set aside for new zoo safari, and wildlife adventures, which might include safari tours, zip-lines and maybe overnight camping." What a fun idea! Now I'm not sure if you can necessarily sleep WITH the wild animals (gonna assume that's a no though), but how cool would that be to camp and explore and spend time as a family? According to the article, the rest of the acreage would be used as a breeding facility for the animals.

Now the bad news (assuming you don't live in the St. Louis area). Unlike the main section of the zoo, this expansion would cost some money for people who reside outside of St. Louis City and County.

That's okay though. I would pay to see this new African safari, go zip-lining, and maybe camp. My family and I already love going to to zoo. We try to go at least once if not twice a year. We love it so much that we all have our favorite animals that we HAVE to see when we visit. My oldest daughter Ava loves the turtles (she even wants to be a zoologist!), my youngest, Lexi, loves the Cheetahs. My husband likes seeing the monkeys and I could stare at the elephant exhibit all day long!

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