When I was looking for a new house last year, I was looking for a certain amount of bedrooms, bathrooms, basement, nice backyard for the kids, you know the normal things. Well, there is one house in Missouri that has a unique basement accessory, a jail cell.

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An actual 2500 square ft. legitimate jail with nine cells, booking room and 1/2 bath. With working locked doors. The house is located in Fayette, Missouri which is about just outside of Columbia, almost 2-hours from the Tri-States.

The Howard County Sheriff's House, was an official jail house back when it was built in 1875. It was then converted into a 2-bedroom 1.5 bath historic house with modern touches, and looks amazing inside. Just think of all the fun 1920's house parties you could have in the jail cells, and Halloween parties. It comes with, what seems to have been, a small court yard too. I would love to know more of the history of the jail cell, who stayed there, and if any famous is known for being jailed at this location.

The inside of the house is gorgeous, with an updated kitchen, hardwood floors throughout, and a beautiful chimney, whoever buys this house truly will have a unique feature to discuss at the dinner table. The house is currently on the market listed through House of Brokers Realty, and if I had the money I would totally buy this house.

Howard County Sheriff's House

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