I have found a place that is as close to The Jungle Book that I've ever seen in Missouri. It's a cabin nestled next to Huzzah Creek and it's quite literally surrounded by critters.

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When I say "critters", I mean the good kind. Deer, raccoons, bucks, etc. It's Game Acres West on Airbnb near Davisville, Missouri. It's quite a looker.

This Missouri Cabin at Huzzah Creek is Surrounded by Critters

Here's how Gary the host describes his neat place on Airbnb:

This is a beautiful cedar log home on the Huzzah Creek in Davisville, MO. It is set on a peaceful, Ozark ridge surrounded by majestic pines and oaks. The great room boasts a cathedral ceiling with a rock chimney towering to the top of the peek.

He does also mention in the description that while Huzzah Creek is nearby, it's quite a hike to get there as the cabin is up on a bluff. According to what he said on Airbnb, he's working on an easier trail to access it. Goals.

Nightly cost to stay in this dreamy Missouri cabin is $225 per night as of this writing. Check out Gary's complete listing on Airbnb for more pics, details and availability.

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