Among nasty invasive fish, this is one of the worst and it was just captured in Missouri. The authorities say that if you come across one, you should kill it immediately.

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The Missouri Department of Conservation shared this not good news on their Facebook page today. It's word that the northern snakehead fish has been found in Missouri by an angler.

If you're not familiar, Duck Creek Conservation Area is located in southeastern Missouri way south of St. Louis.

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What's so evil about the northern snakehead fish?

Not only is this fish invasive, but it feeds on just about every good type of creature imaginable plus it's capable of something most fish can't can exist out of water for days and even maneuver itself on land as Wikipedia documents.

The National Invasive Species Information Center says the northern snakehead "competes with and preys on native species". Like I said, a NASTY fish.

This fish is native to China, Russia, North Korea, and South Korea and that's where it should have stayed. They also reproduce fast reaching maturity in just 2 years.

Don't mistake a bowfin for a northern snakehead, though even though they look similar. A northern snakehead has "a golden tan to brown coloration with dark splotches" and it's upper jaw is shorter than its lower.

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