He said he knew something was wrong when a student eating near him suddenly wasn't making any sounds. That's when this heroic Missouri 6th grader jumped into action using skills he had just been taught to save his friend who was choking.

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According to the Fox 2 St. Louis report, this student named Jackson is a 6th grader at Central Middle School in the Parkway School District in Chesterfield, Missouri. In 4th grade, Jen Baker, the school nurse taught his class how to do the Heimlich maneuver to clear breathing passages of choking victims.

Jen said that she received an email from Jackson after his heroic act thanking her for teaching him what he needed to know to save his classmate. His advice for the rest of us is something to take to heart. He said "Don't be timid or afraid to hop into action...you can only succeed if you try".  That's a lot of wisdom coming from a 6th grader.

Well done, Jackson. You are proof that heroes don't always wear capes. Sometimes they just pay attention to what their school nurse is trying to teach them.

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