Slowly but surely, graffiti is beginning to resurrect its ugly head in the city of Quincy. It really hasn't been too bad around here compared to other areas in America but is becoming more noticeable. One of the more prominent displays is on the railroad bridge north of the Veteran's Home on North 12th Street in Quincy (see picture above).

The message with a number included in the beginning is "86 TROOPERS" and my first impression was that it is definitely a threat against law enforcement and it should be removed. I have since found out that it was placed there as a remembrance of a man who passed away a year ago and "TROOPERS" is a reference to his floor hockey team.

My condolences to the family and apologies for making an assumption here. Unless you knew the story behind it lettering, it would be almost impossible for any motorist passing it to know the real story. With all due respect, it still doesn't belong there.

Don't you have to wonder, good reason or not, how someone could take some time to climb there and then spell out those words without anyone seeing him or her being "artistic".  I often wonder the same when I am stopped by a train and view the collage of art on the sides of the train cars. Doesn't anyone notice this going on?  What does it all mean? Why do they do it?

These artists, and they are artists, can also do some remarkable work, but why not put their talent on a canvass and sell it for a living?  Just a thought!

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