Jo Anne Witte
Jo Anne Witte

It was announced today that over 450 families in the area will be receiving money complements of the annual Gene Grawe Fund.

Thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic, organizers of the Gene Grawe Fund weren’t able to make their annual giving announcement in person, but their big news is still being well-received for many families in the area anyway.

According to the news release, 455 families are going to receive on the average $702.50 for next year’s Catholic school tuition.  That’s an overall total of $319,635.47 awarded for the 2020-2021 school year.

Today’s donations bring the total awards to $2,318,521.63 since the Gene Grawe Fund started in 2005.

The funds were raised through the purchase of gift cards that could be spent at many local and national businesses. A portion of each sale then was returned to the Gene Grawe fund by the participating business.  Families can register now to be able to earn money next year.

The Gene Grawe Fund is named after JoAnn Witte’s father, who was an officer with the Western Catholic Union for many years.  The Gene Grawe Fund office is located at St. Peter Catholic Church, 2600 Maine Street. For more information, contact JoAnne Witte at or by calling 257-3231.

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