So here it is July 5 and we are all done celebrating the 242 birthday of the United States of America. So what is there to celebrate now? How about the birthday of the bikini?

It was 72 years ago today the world’s first bikini made its debut at a poolside fashion show in Paris, France. Its revealing debut brought such an uproar that even the French fashion models refused to wear it. So the original designer, Louis Reard, with no willing models had to enlist strippers in 1946 to model it.

The skimpy swimsuit eventually started to gain acceptance to where it is now a beachfront staple. Its name, bikini, came from the American atomic detonation on Bikini Atoll which was considered the ultimate of destruction. Reard named it bikini to reflect his concept of the “ultimate” in swimsuits.

Lets face it from a guy's perspective, Hog Back Island, beaches and pools sure look better with bikini clad women around. One piece suits look pretty darn good too! Little did Louis Reard know how popular his "bikini" idea would become.


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