It was voted the Best Tourist Attraction in the St. Louis area winning over attractions like the Arch, Union Station, Forest Park, the St. Louis Zoo, and many more, so what is so special about this place with Mini Horses?

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According to the website, the reader's choice winner for best tourist attraction in the St. Louis area this year was R&R Ranch, beating out Forest Park, and the St. Louis Zoo as the other finalists, what is R&R Ranch? Well, on the site they say...

"...a miniature horse sanctuary in Chesterfield Valley. R&R Ranch is home to “four dogs, one cat, four birds, one bunny, 17 miniature horses, three dwarf miniature horses, two miniature donkeys, and two full-size horses.” Private and public tours are available, with the latter sharing a presentation of the horses before and after coming to the rescue ranch."

I had never heard of anyone mention this place to me before and it sounds like it would be a ton of fun to check out, I did a quick Googling of R&R Ranch and found their website,, and they have a whole section dedicated to meeting their mini horses, as well as information about what their mission is at the ranch, they say on the site...

"R&R Ranch’s mission is to increase public awareness of miniature horses and educate people on the proper treatment and care required when owning one."

There are private tours available but they are pricey, for 1 to 5 guests it will cost you $150, and children can't be younger than 8 because the tours are highly educational. BUT there are FREE tours available and tours for kids 5 and younger as well, to see a full list of the tours just click here! 

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