The only thing better than '1989' and 'Pure Heroine' would be if Taylor Swift and Lorde joined forces for an epic collaboration. Sadly, the potentially best song ever isn't in the works.

Lorde spoke to E! News about working with T. Swift, saying she has "no idea" if it'll ever happen. (We'll give you a second to queue up 'All Too Well' before we share Lorde's explanation.)

"She's amazing and she's very talented, but I feel like the way she writes is very much her voice," the 'Royals' singer said. "It's the same with me. We're very kind of singular."

While we're holding back the urge to belt "so casually cruel in the name of being honest," we have to admit that Lorde's stance makes sense. Both songwriters are known for their specific viewpoints and we love them for that. A collaboration would no doubt be epic, but it can't be forced.

Just remember, guys: We'll always have Shake Shack.

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