Zombie Movie

'American Revenant' Trailer
While we've not yet seen an official release date for the short zombie film that was shot last summer in Hannibal, we do have a new trailer. The two-minute black-and-white preview looks really great!
Zombie Horde Wanted For Movie Being Shot in Hannibal
If you've ever wanted to be a zombie in a movie, here's your chance. The finishing touches are being put on American Revenant, a short film being shot in Hannibal that will bring the zombie apocalypse to America's Hometown. One big scene featuring a "zombie horde" still needs to be shot, and the local filmmakers being the project could use your help.
Behind the Scenes [Watch]
Hannibal's Central Park was the gathering site Saturday morning of a horde of the undead. The shot zombie movie American Revenant shot scenes in the Central Park area, and will continue to film at locations around Hannibal for the next couple weeks. John Davis, the author of the American Revenant series of books, and film director Josh Mullner took a moment to speak with us about their project. Re
Zombie Film Shot in Hannibal
Local author John L. Davis made news when he began writing a series of zombie novels set in and around Hannibal, Missouri. Work is now underway to adapt the first book from his 'American Revenant' series into a short film. The author spoke with us about the upcoming film, and how you'll be able to see it once the project has been completed...