Jim Wosman is a Man You Should Get to Know!
He's a father, a grandfather, a coach, a groundskeeper and a friend. He's Jim Wosman. If you have ever been to a Quincy Gems game, you undoubtedly have seen him working the field into tip top shape for the game that night. He is there early in the morning cutting grass and late at nig…
Who Would Make A Good Coach?
I was watching NBC's "The Voice" the other night and got to thinking about the judges that have been on the show.  They seem to change out people who judge every year. Now it got me to thinking of some local people who should get a shot at being a replacement judge. Here …
When is Graduation?
Graduation time is here! 13-years of hard work have all come down to this. As the parent of a Senior, I couldn't be prouder.
For those of you looking for information about this years area graduation ceremonies, I have taken the liberty of making the phone calls for you...
Sign, Signs, Everywhere Signs!
I just read where next season NBA players will wear advertising on their jerseys. It is a prelude to other teams and leagues doing that as well. It is not a new thought since NASCAR has been doing this for years now.
NCAA Women’s Tournament
Photo by: Stanley Madison
So did anyone notice who won last night's NCAA Women's National Championship? Oh a few of you maybe, but most of the country closed the book on college basketball when Kentucky beat Kansas Monday night.