One Direction is riding quite a wave of boyband uber stardom as of late, and it seems as though the band is finally feeling the effects of what it is to be a household name. At least 1D member Liam Payne is really feeling it!

A few days ago, we mentioned that the guys were having a Tumblr interview and a lot of the guys talked about the love they have for their fans and the pressure they’ve been feeling since reaching that status of fame. “I wouldn’t say it’s stressful at all,” he said of the constant fan and media monitoring of the band’s every move. “Since ‘X Factor,’ our lives have obviously changed but I would say for the better. We have millions of fans that support us and we get to meet them while traveling all over the world.”

But it looks as though Liam has had a change of heart when it comes to the fans — at least a little bit. On July 16, he took to his Twitter to express his concerns over some fans who have taken their love and admiration of the band a bit too far. “hi i just wanna say i love you guys and all,” read that tweet. “[but] having strangers knock on my door and notes pushed through at 11 pm can be a little bit scary.”

The 18-year-old was pretty polite about the incidents, and sent another tweet to his admirers regarding the situation. “I know you guys would feel the same about people knocking on your door you don’t know,” read the second post. “so please don’t come to my address much love liamxx.”

And there ya have it. He has fans literally coming up to his door in the middle of the night and still manages to come off as sweet. What a keeper!

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