A St. Louis area restaurant is trying something I've never heard of before, but I understand why they're doing it. They won't allow anyone under 30 inside or to eat there emphasizing that it's a place for adults only.

This is an interesting story shared by KSDK in St. Louis about Bliss Restaurant is located at 11836 West Florissant Ave in Florissant, Missouri. The owner will not allow anyone under 30 to enter as he said that the younger crowd brings unwanted "drama" and he wants a place where adults will be comfortable.

The owner and staff say that most of the response has been positive, but the reviews on Yelp don't seem to be favorable so far. It's an extremely small sample size of just 3 reviews, but some like the adults-only atmosphere while others do not appear to be fans.

I don't make it to St. Louis that often these days and when I do stop for food in the area, it has to be family-friendly since I have kids. But, I do understand why this owner is trying to offer an alternative to places where the younger crowd can bring unwanted excitement. I respect him for at least trying something new. Time will tell if it turns into a wise business decision or not.

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