St. Louis earned a high honor from a big-time food website saying it belongs amongst cities from all over the world that you should travel to just to eat!

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Get our free mobile app came out with a list of The Best Food Cities to Travel to in 2022 and St. Louis, Missouri made the exclusive list!

The list consists of cities like San Antonio, Dubai, Guadalajara in Mexico, and Mallorca in Spain. The list says it is looking for cities in 2022 that have destination meals and the food is compelling, they say that there is good food everywhere but to find food that compels you to travel that is special. So why does St. Louis make this exclusive list of cities? Well on the website they say...

"Competitors operate like one giant restaurant group. Established chefs like Qui Tran, veteran owner of the celebrated restaurants Nudo House and Mai Lee, regularly collab with up-and-comers, like Kurt Bellon’s mobile Japanese sando shop, Izumi, driving exposure and investment while keeping the dining scene fresh. And immigrant-owned businesses like Chiang Mai, Akar, and Diana’s Bakery thrive through the shared belief that respect and self-representation are the best ways to celebrate cuisines."

To see the full list for yourself click here!

I will say the website does mention that you should travel to St. Louis in the early fall to avoid the heat and catch a playoff baseball game, and they say you have to try the cracker crust style St. Louis pizza with Provel cheese on the top, with a side of toasted ravioli, basically saying go to Imo's without saying go to Imo's. I think St. Louis deserves this recognition, I have never had a bad meal in the city, and there are dozens of unique (non-chain) restaurants to choose from, yes St. Louis often gets overlooked in the Midwest for food Chicago and the BBQ in Kansas City, but I think it is about time St. Louis got this shine. What is your go-to St. Louis restaurant?

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