I will state right now that I have no idea what this is. Someone captured a truly strange scream in the woods in St. Louis County, Missouri and there's audio to prove it. I have so many questions.

First of all, there's very little context to understand exactly what's going on here thanks to the fact that shorts on YouTube don't allow much. It's simply titled "Sasquatch Howls (St. Louis County, Missouri)" and that's it.

I'll break down what I DON'T think it is in a moment, but first...listen for yourself.

It's not the howl of a coyote, because it's too low-pitched while coyotes are more of a screech. I've had many that used to roam near a house we rented in the country once, so I would know.

I don't think it's a wolf howl, but that's the closest sound I can come up with to replicate what this man allegedly captured in St. Louis County.

If you're familiar with St. Louis County, you know it's not really a heavily-forested place. It's mostly St. Louis city other than Castlewood State Park. I'll assume it's that part of the St. Louis area he's referring to.

There really are only 3 possibilities here. #1 - It's a wolf howl. #2 - The guy is hoaxing us and it's human-created. #3 - It's...something else.

I may be naive, but I don't accuse people of faking things unless I can prove they're faking things. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt that he honestly did record something in the wild. Assuming that's all true, I'd really like to know what he captured on that audio. Creepy stuff.

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