How would you like to win a new patio set, BBQ grill, AND food and drinks for up to 20 people? Sherry Hills – Happel Inc. Realtors wants to give you the party of the summer!

Simply snap a selfie with Sherry’s moving truck and share it to her Facebook page with the hashtag #tracksherrystruck and you’re entered to win! To locate the truck, listen to Y101 each morning (or follow us on Facebook) for clues as to where the truck is parked. Simple right?


1) There's a helpful smile in every aisle that will help you Track Sherry's Truck
2) The employees at this employee-owned business will be more than happy to help you Track Sherry's Truck
3) You will find all the groceries you need for the "party on the patio" when you Track Sherry's Truck here.
4) One stop shopping! Fill you prescription, get gas for your car, load up on food and beverages, eat at their restaurant, get your dry cleaning done, win the lottery, get your hunting and fishing license, mail your packages, pay your CIPS bills, Western Union money, have you birthday cake made for your next party, have flowers delivered to your loved ones...THEN Track Sherry's Truck.

Each person who submits the photo with the truck in its correct location will be entered in the weekly drawing for a weekly gift certificate. The drawing and winner will be announced live every Friday in July. At the end of the month, each of the weekly winners will be entered for the “Party on the Patio” grand prize!

Participants must be 21 years of age and cannot be a member of the Quincy Area Board of Realtors. Participants are only allowed one entry per week and the grand prize must be redeemed on an agreed upon date by August 31, 2017. Participants must agree to being announced on Sherry’s Facebook page and any other advertising associated with the contest.

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