I was recently watching the CBS Sunday Morning program, which I consider one of the best programs on TV these days. In between one of their many segments they usually air interesting facts and poll information on many topics. Last Sunday, they posted a poll which caught my attention. It was a CBS Poll involving prayer in America and indicating when people say their prayers. Regardless of how religious you are, I think most people do pray.  Obviously, some more than others. The poll will prove that to be true.

According to the CBS Poll, 50% of the people polled pray often and 21% of the surveyed people pray sometimes. Some 14% surveyed said that they prayed only when there is a crisis and 14% said that they never pray. One percent apparently had no comment. So what category do you fit in?

I would love to see this poll done 10 years ago and would love to see it again in 10 years to see the direction of the shift in numbers.  I bet it would be quite different at both ends of the spectrum.

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