Millennials are starting to realize that the Gem City is not only cheaper, but a great place to raise a family (and they are headed our way).

Over the weekend I read an article from USA TODAY on where Millennials are moving and imagine my surprise when I saw Quincy listed.

According to the article, millennials are looking for good communities in which to settle down, raise a family, and have a career and Midwest towns seem to be just what they need/want. Be it the five new elementary schools, arts, music, theater, low prices on houses, or a combination of everything, millennials are  flocking to Quincy.

Here is the full list (according to USA TODAY):

  1. Athens, Ohio - 59%
  2. Aberdeen  South Dakota – 56%
  3. Williston, North Dakota – 55%
  4. Lima, Ohio – 55%
  5. Dickinson, North Dakota – 54%
  6. Odessa, Texas – 51%
  7. Quincy, IL – 49%

Quincy (right now anyway) is a buyers’ market. As someone who is getting ready to place a house for sale and buy a new one, I am nervous that my house won’t sell due to the market, but ya never know. That can change.

I’m happy that millennials are finding that smaller towns are worth the investment. Quincy (I’ve always said) is a great place to raise your family and have a career. Looks like others see it that way too.



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