In driving in the city of Quincy recently,  I have noticed an increase in people walking along the city streets and roadways. Perhaps the recent 19-cent increase in gasoline tax in Illinois has prompted some of this increased walking activity or maybe it is just the nicer weather we have had has led to this.  In either case, I have noticed that there are several locations where there is no sidewalk adjacent to some pretty well used roadways. This causes a dangerous situation for those walkers who have to use the roadway or stride through grassy areas to get to their destination. Obviously, this is not safe for the walkers or the drivers in those areas.

I have been most vocal over the past months about the need to fix the much needed Quincy streets and roadways.  Perhaps the sidewalks need to a part of that was well.

There are plenty of locations that could use a sidewalk including State Street from 36th to 24th Streets and 12th Street from north of the railroad crossing past Isles Elementary School.  Those are just two that come to mind.

How many other area exist in the City of Quincy that you would like to see a sidewalk?  The other problem is how do you pay for them?

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