Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If the beholder happens to be a former or present convict, I have found what they'll likely consider to be a very beautiful potential home. It's a former Missouri detention center that also happens to be quite historic.

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If you drive by 208 W Pearl Street in Harrisonville, Missouri, you'll probably recognize what used to be the Cass County Missouri Law Enforcement Center/Jail. As a Stephen King fan, just about every jail book/movie he's ever created could be realized in this magical place. It was first constructed way back in 1960.

Shawshank? This Missouri Detention Center Could Be Yours

Shawshank Redemption much? Or, maybe you're a fan of The Green Mile. The good news is what used to be a Cass County, Missouri jail won't cost you an arm and a leg. Current asking price is a very affordable $195,000 as of this writing.

Imagine the family gatherings you could have in this historic building? Ever daydreamed about having your in-laws sleep in a prison cell? Dream realized. Serve them cake with a file hidden inside. You know you've thought about it at least once.

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