Not only has Sesame Street crossed over with Game of Thrones today; they’ve also entered the Maze that is Westworld. This might even be a weirder mix of shows, if that is at all possible.

In this HBO-centric crossover, Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) and Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) are locked in one of their typically thorny conversation, when they are interrupted by Cookie Monster. He teaches them a lesson in respect (the theme connecting these two videos) by way of sharing a cookie. Watch:

The lesson here: “Respect is important for everyone – people, monsters, even Westworld’s hosts.” Definitely true! Just because someone is a sentient artificial life form determined to wipe out all life on Earth doesn’t mean they’re not worthy of respect while they destroy you and replace you with an identical robot of yourself. Wait ... is that the message of Westworld? I’m getting kind of confused. Anyway, today on Sesame Street the letter of the day is “R”! And R is for robot brothels!

Okay, serious talk: Which Sesame Street characters are hosts? Probably Oscar the Grouch. Maybe Abby Cadabby. Definitely Snuffleupagus. How else to explain why people refused to believe he was real for so long?

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