Movie sequels are delicate things. When a movie performs well at the box office, it’s only expected for producers to follow it up with another one. After all, how hard can it be to replicate what’s already a success? Well, it’s actually pretty hard. That whole “sequels are never as good as the original” stance oftentimes turns out to be true. You see, a sequel can be accused of many things. Sometimes, it’s accused of being a repeat of the original. Other times, it veers off into a completely different direction, losing sight of what made the first movie work. And still other times, fans simply lose interest in a franchise over time, rendering the sequel obsolete.

But if that first movie is good enough, people will most likely give the sequel a chance. And if it’s really good? They’ll go see it again, and tell their friends. There are some excellent sequels out there, most of which performed much better than their predecessors at the box office. Here are 12 movie sequels that made significantly more money than the films they followed:

12 Movies That Outperformed The Original At The Box Office

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