We have lost a comedy hero, a man who was so good at what he did. He was also a serious actor and was very good at that, too, but he was a troubled man.

To tell you the truth, I did not like his non-comedy movies. I preferred non-stop laugherfrom Robin Williams. I wanted to watch him make great funny movies. I wanted the 'Mrs Doubtfire' or even the 'Good Morning Vietnam' kind of humor from him every time he was on screen.

Robin Williams mad me laugh, he made me cry. I thought of him as an "always on" guy. The one who would never stop with the one-liners he just made up out of thin air. He was a comic genius. I guess that is why I have watched 'Mrs. Doubtfire' like one hundred times and I always laugh.

I miss him already, knowing that he will never be there on screen again. May he now rest in peace.

Robin Williams
Jason Kempin, Getty Images

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