If this is true, it would be a surprise to me. I've come across a report that we might see plastic bags soon begin disappearing from Missouri stores, but is it likely? Let's explore the possibilities.

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I've seen this mentioned by several national sites including a report from Money Talks News. It says that 12 national retailers are considering doing away with plastic bags. On the list are some sellers that have thousands of stores in Missouri and they include the following:

  • Walmart
  • Walgreens
  • CVS
  • Target
  • Hy-vee
  • Dollar General

Let's be clear that the report says these retailers are only CONSIDERING, not necessarily doing.

Wait. Not so fast. Did you know that a representative in the Missouri legislature tried to ban plastic bag bans back in 2015? As you might guess, the companies that make plastic bags are a big fan of the ban of the ban...if that makes sense.

I found a website called Factory Direct Promos that did an excellent list of the pros and cons of plastic bags. The additional cost to consumers and how the cost of cloth bags would affect them is a big factor while I believe it will be a long time before plastic bags go away if ever.

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