It was July 13, 2015.  The temperatures were well above 90 degrees and you just knew we were going to get a storm later in the afternoon. You could feel it coming. We just had no idea just what kind of a storm it would turn out to be. It was one of the most intense storms I have ever been in and that's saying something since I've been in a couple of tornadoes in my lifetime. It was around 6 p.m. when the clouds were darkening and the winds were whipping up.  It was coming, a storm people would never forget.

The winds intensified with a driving rain that struck the City of Quincy with a vengeance. Although I thought there may well have been several mini-tornadoes, the National Weather Service officially called it “Straight Line” winds of over 70 miles an hour with a direct hit on the City.

Thousands of trees were destroyed and power lines were down as a result of the storm. The power was off for several days in certain parts of the city and our radio stations were off the air as well for three days until the power was restored in the 24th and Broadway area. It was one of those storms that people will talk about for yours.

There is history to storms occurring on July 13 in that the very next year on July 13 yet another severe storm whacked the city again, but not to the magnitude of the 2015 storm. Last year on July 13 we received a reprieve from storm activity, but I wouldn’t let my guard down today.

The temperatures today (in the mid-90’s) will be about the same as they were in 2015 and 2016. So perhaps we should keep an eye on the sky today and be prepared?  Just thinking out loud!

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