People are being scammed every day in America and right here in the Tri-State area, but the latest scam here has a different twist to it. The people being scammed this time are registered sex-offenders.

The Quincy Police Department wanted to make the community know about a recent scam circulating in the Quincy, Adams County Area. Both the Quincy Police Department and the Adams County Sheriff's office have received several phone calls from registered sex offenders living in the area.

The scammers are getting the offenders personal information from the public website and calling the offenders. The offenders are being told they are in violation and have to pay various amounts to get rid of arrest warrant, pending criminal charges, etc.

Specifically for those currently registered as sex offenders or violent offenders, if you get any type of call in regards to your registration status, do not give out any personal or financial information, and instead you should call your registering authority at the Quincy Police Department (217-228-4496) or the Adams County Sheriffs office (217-277-2200), or see those individuals in person at their respective agency.

Anyone with any information concerning these scams is encouraged to call either law enforcement agency or the Quincy Regional Crime-Stoppers at 228-4474.

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