Talk about getting some exercise! Playing Table Tennis or Ping Pong will do just that.

As a two time winner of the Rome, New York summer table tennis championships at Wright Hazelton Park as a kid, I found ping pong to be quite a bit of fun to play. 

Quincy is fortunate to have a Table Tennis Club and that organization will be holding their 17th Annual Bob O’Neal Junior Table Tennis Tournament on Saturday, March 16. The tournament will be held at The Crossing Church Gymnasium at 48th and Maine in Quincy.

There will be several divisions for players 18 and under participating from 1 p.m. (younger ages) to approximately 8 p.m. (older ages) The cost to enter is $5 per person.

All interested players should contact the Quincy Table Tennis Club at 223-2536 or register at using the “Bob O’Neal” tab.

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