Is it me or are the roads in Quincy really going from bad to poor lately?  Just driving down a few streets, I made a point to see just how bumpy those roads were and I was surprised just how bad they were. I guess I have become complacent when driving and just have accepted the constant dodging of potholes and ruts in the streets of the city. Usually, this problem with streets comes with the end of winter and the beginning of spring as the temperatures change. What we have now is a failure to keep ahead of the problem.

Just drive down 24th Street anywhere from Locust to Harrison Streets. There are sections there that I actually drive in the turn lane to avoid the holes and ruts. Even the patching that has been done has changed a hole into a bump. There are plenty of other areas too.  Hampshire Street from 12th to 8th Streets is horrible.

I could list more streets, but I will leave that up to you. If there is a street that you think should be paved today, what street would it be?

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